Thursday, February 11, 2010

Melave Malka Blog Hop

I am posting this early so that there is more time to talk up the event and create your blog post about it.

I had the idea to start a Jewish Blog Hop when I saw a question on a Jewish Forum about how to promote your blog in order to get followers and readers. I know that blog hops can be unbelievably successful when everyone who participates promotes the event through whatever social media outlets they use. I decided that a Melave Malka Blog Hop would b the perfect way to draw participants.

MckLinky Blog Hop

Can't wait to visit all of your blogs.


PS. A friend  has an open review and giveaway for me on her blog for a beautiful Necklace. You should stop by and enter to win.


  1. so far it's just you and me but hopefully week by week the list will grow! SHAVUAH TOV!

  2. Felissa, sounds nice but i don't want to announce on my blog that I'm jewish, so I don't think i will be participating...