Thursday, March 11, 2010

Customer Favorites & Friday Follow

From time to time my customers stop by my blog to see what is going on some even have signed up for my email feeds. They have seen my posts about the pieces I wear and how I pair them and think I should highlight their favorite pieces once in a while. So today I am dedicating my Friday Follow post to my amazing customers and my wonderful followers showcasing your favorite pieces of Jewelry from Stella & Dot.

1. Stella & Dot's Cortez Turquoise & Suede Necklace - Why my customer love it. This statement necklace is vibrant and colorful but not over the top. It makes everyone think of the Spring Sunshine and and life beginning again. They love the fact that this is one of the tie it yourself necklaces so no matter their body shape they can always guarantee the perfect fit.

2. Stella & Dot's Garden Party Chandelier Earrings in Green and Gold. Why my customers love them. These earrings make a statement anytime you wear them. Whether you pair them with a little black dress for date night or you decide to wear them to work you will turn heads.

3. Stella & Dot's Starfish Earrings I have one customer who is such a fan that she can't wait for the day that winter goes away and Spring arrives. She was hoping to wear them when she went on a trip and brought them along just in case it felt at all like Spring. She told me that I would be missing out if I didn't point these out to my blog followers. I personally haven't seen the earrings in person and this customer thinks I need to get a pair for my sample collection before beach season arrives.  I do however have the Palm Necklace with Starfish which has a larger version of the starfish as part of this versatile necklace.

4. The Stella & Dot Soiree Bracelet Collection - Why my customers go gaga over these bracelets. They are fun to wear and come in nine different color choices in matte and pearl finishes, don't break the bank, go great with any wardrobe, and come in colors that my customers love. The beads feel substantial and the pave crystal bauble takes these bracelets from run of the mill to fun and modern. There is also a pair of matching earring in the Soiree collection that are just the right size for everyday wear. Not too small and not too big. I have quite a few of the color choices in my sample collection and I myself have been finding that I grab one of these great little bracelets more and more often. My customers think that every woman should have one or two in their jewelry collection.

5.Stella & Dot's Zoe Butterfly Necklace- With Easter fast approaching my customers told me not to leave this off their favorite list. Little girls eyes light up when they see this necklace. Without fail it is the first piece that they feel bold enough to pick up whenever they are present at a trunk show. They go over to their mommy's or grandma's and ask if they can have this necklace. I loaned mine to a little girl to wear for the evening at her mom's Stella & Dot Trunk Show and in all the excitement of the event I forgot to get it back at the end of the night. When I returned the next day to pick it up I found she didn't want to take it off to go to sleep and that her mom had to promise her one for her birthday. Truthfully I don't know which made her eyes light up more when she finally got it the Stella & Dot Branded box or the Butterfly necklace inside. Her mom said I now have a customer for life.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces or any piece from my website please use Felissa Hadas as your Hostess so you can receive flat rate priority shipping of $5.95 on your order.

What is your favorite piece from Stella & Dot? I would love to put together a list of follower favorites to showcase next week. So when you leave me a comment for Friday Follow let me know which piece is a must have for you or that you already own.

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