Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Papaya Shake!

Add some tropical flavor to your breakfast to mix things up and keep from getting bored.

Papaya Shake!
2 scoops of Visalus Shake Mix
1 cup light vanilla silk
1/8 of a papaya (up to 1 cup)
about a cup of ice
...Blend and serve cold

Total Calories: 225

18 grams of protein, 

23 vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and all the amazing benefits of the papaya.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Blueberry Shake

Do you eat breakfast and then crash mid-morning at work when things start to get busy?  Try this energy filled caffeine free healthy alternative!

Blueberry Shake!
2 Scoops Visalus Shake Mix
1 cup light Vanilla Silk
1/2 cups of blueberries
about a cup of ice
...Blend and serve cold

Total Calories: 210 

18 grams of protein, 

23 vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes, pre-biotics, and all the antioxidants from the blueberries.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chocolate Banana Pie Shake

A filling and energizing breakfast to help you get through the day. 

1 cup light chocolate silk
2 scoops Visalus Shake Mix
1/2 banana
A few shakes of AllSpice
...Blend with about 1/2 cup to 1 cup of ice. Serve cold!


Total Calories: 242.5 

18 grams of protein 

23 vitamins and minerals, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Its About Transformation

The Body by Vi Challenge is about Transformation. It is about challenging yourself to set goals to actually set a time frame for when you will accomplish these goals instead of saying you want to do something but in very vague terms. The Body By Vi Challege is about becoming healthy so it is important to do physical activity alongside taking the shakes and Vi-pak.

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. Yet eating right to get the proper nutrients to maintain a healthy body and mind can be challenging. While many of us take supplements, they are not all created equal. The Vi-pak® boasts patented and scientifically formulated ingredients and is exclusively distributed through the representatives of ViSalus Sciences®. The Vi-pak® uses four unique supplements to provide our bodies with the nutrients it needs for health. By combining the Multi Mineral & Vitamin Formula and Super Charged Anti-Oxidant, with the Anti-Aging & Energy Complex and Omega Vitals formulation, you have an unprecedented anti-aging system for ultimate health and nutrition.

I was lucky enough to be invited on a call that the creator of the ViPak Dr. Seidman was giving in order to help everyone understand whyt he ViPak is such an amazing product and why it works. The call actually focused on a single part of the Vi-Pak the Omega Vitals.

Dr. Seidman –

 Has been funded by the National Institute of Health for over 20 years. He has been repeatedly voted by his peers as being in the Top 1% of doctors across the country. Dr. Siedman focuses his research and work on the field of Aging. Everyone ages but we don’t have to feel old. We can age gracefully and still be healthy. Aging is a mindset. It is a biological but we can help offset the results by incorporating healthy habits into our lives. The Vi-Pak is all about Anti-Aging helping the body to continue to function and regenerate.

Essential Oils are vital
We need Omega’s 3 – 6 however most Americans get about 20 times too much Omega 6. Even most supplements out there are a 3 to 1 Ratio of Omega 3 to 6’s which will not give optimal results. The Vipak is a 12 to 1 Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio.

When taking vitamins and minerals we need to be careful that they actually have the desired effect and that the have been produced in such a way as to take the outside toxins out of the end results. The ViPak has been Molecularly Distilled in order to take out the Mercury from the fish oil. This process can also help to take any petroleum the fish might have ingested out of the finished product so that we are not putting toxic chemicals into our bodies when we are trying to help ourselves become healthy.

Where is the fish sourced for the Omega Vitals?
The fish used in the Vipak is a Deep Sea Fish not a shallow water fish to help reduce toxins even further. Due to the double distillation process used there is no fishy smell after you take the pill.

How can Omega Vitamins Help Me Become Healthy?

Arthritis There is compelling data that Essential Oils help reduce the swelling in those who suffer from Arthritis up to 36% in joints and muscles. It helps to activate ATP to burn more calories.

Skin dermatitis can be treated with the use of Essential Oils.

Diabetics have had really good results when they include a properly formulated Essential Oil supplement into their daily diet some can even come off of injections and just take it orally others who were taking oral glucose etc can now balance their diabetes solely through food.

Cancer There are studies that show that cancer tumor growth slows with the use of Essential Oils. They help decrease inflammation.

Other possible uses: MAY help with children who have AD/HD become more balanced there are some sources that say Essential Oils can have positive effects on those with Autism spectrum disorders. Essential Oils help with brain Health. It can also help with balance problems.

As with any supplement to your diet Excersice is key and supplement wisely.

Are you ready to start your 90 Day Challenge to a Healthier Happier You? Join my 90 Day Challenge and lets do it together.If you get 3 friends to join the Challenge with you. You will get your Challenge Kit for FREE next month.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Stella & Dot Bold Statements

Whenever I post I generally try to highlight the less expensive pieces in the Stella & Dot Collection so you all can see just how affordable the collection really is but every once in a while we feel like splurging so today's post is going to highlight our big ticket items.

Stella & Dot's Happy Flowers Necklace
My thoughts on this Necklace
This necklace has never been a favorite of mine in fact I don't even own it a part of my sample collection. However for some reason I feel like today for the first time I could feel comfortable wearing this necklace. Maybe it is the summer sun or the combination of colors in this necklace but today I was out running some errands and thought to myself I wish this necklace was a part of my collection. I am thinking this will be the next big addition. 

About the Happy Flowers Necklace
Inspired by two vintage brooches our designer Blythe, found in her grandmother's jewlery box. Thank you Dot for the amazing vintage style. Happy flowers dance on a 14kt gold plated chain. Genuine Mother of Pearl, resin and hand painted flowers. 18” length with a 2” extender. Lobster clasp.
This necklace IS the outfit! So what to wear it with? You'd be amazed at the range. Colors: Put it over color for a fun splash- try orange, purple, pink and yellow.  Of course, white and black look fantastic.  Necklines: Over a crew new, or against the skin on a button down or v-neck. Strapless is also stunning.

Stella & Dot's Artemus Stone Necklace

My thoughts on the Necklace
This necklace to me screams summer trip to the Jersey Shore or sitting at an outdoor cafe on South Beach. The necklace reminds me of the Ocean. This necklace is a huge statement piece that you can dress up or wear with jeans and a t-shirt. I am a hug fan of Jade every since my trips to the Jade Market in Hong Kong and I like how it is incorporated into this necklace.

About the Artemus Stone Necklace
Glimmering strands of luxe stones, hand knotted together to form beauty befitting the goddess of greenlands. Lovely green jade, lemon and smoky quartz, and chrsophase create an earthy treasure.

 Stella & Dot's St. Tropez Statement Necklace

My Thoughts on This Necklace
This Necklace is the perfect summer statement. Light and airy a mix of texture and style. Whether you are spending the day out on a boat or closer to home at lunch with your girlfriends you are sure to turn more then a few heads when you put this necklace on. I really love how the necklace is braided in this picture to add even more texture and depth to an already fantastic necklace. This is a not to miss summer piece.

About the St. Tropez Statement Necklace
A froth of sea bubbly, silk-wrapped and hand-knotted beads tumble from an ivory ribbon, hand-sewn with Swarovski crystals.
Oh-so comfy and lighter than it looks, so twist it around your neck to put the medallion right where you want it.  Goes gorgeously with flowing silhouettes and this season's color trend: grey, gunmetal grey, blush, and white.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dog Bed Review and Giveaway

For those of you who don't know yet I have created a new blog that focuses on everything pets and more specifically dogs. I just posted a Review and Giveaway for CSN Stores of an Animal Planet dog bed. Davinia and Indiana both really like their new bed and recommend it to their friends. Come and check it out and enter to win.Giveaway is open for those with US shipping addresses only. Giveaway is open until 3/11.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year! Gung Hay Fat Choy


Today marks the beginning if the Chinese New Year is celebrated in countries and territories with significant Han Chinese populations, such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. Also known as the Spring Festival because the plants and flowers begin to come back to life after the winter it last for 15 days. 

Customs vary widely among the Chinese one thing is certain this is a national holiday and the entire country of China closes down because workers go home to their native villages to celebrate with their family. It is also the tradition that every family thoroughly cleans the house to sweep away any ill-fortune in hopes to make way for good incoming luck. Windows and doors will be decorated with red colour paper-cuts and couplets with popular themes of “happiness”, “wealth”, and “longevity”. Married Couples and the elderly give Red Envelopes filled with New Year's Money to young children and unmarried people to wish them a year of luck and prosperity these red envelopes contain an even amount of money. When I was living in Hong Kong in the weeks leading up to the Chinese New Year in the more upscale stores and banks they give you a package of Red Envelopes and stores sell ornately decorated ones for people to buy. Red and Gold are seen everywhere hanging from doors, adorning lobbies of buildings, on the gates of homes, and in everyone's clothing. The people of Hong Kong will use any excuse to decorate and party an Chinese New Year is no exception. Here is a video walking tour of some amazing decorations. 

The Lion Dance is a brilliant and deafening display of drums, lion dancers, and color. The Lion Dancers walk down the street and stop in every store and restaurant to wish the establishment a year of prosperity and wealth. It takes a while to go from one place to the next as they have an entire entourage of followers and performers with them. Being there in person it is so loud that as the lions were walking around the community I was in my apartment and could hear them with the windows and doors closed. I decided if I couldn't get away from the noise to join them so I went to our Plaza area where all the stores and restaurants are and watched them dance. This is a long video but as it progresses you can see the lions dancing in the store.

Have a very Happy Chinese New Year and a Happy Valentine's Day.

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