Sunday, November 15, 2009

How to take care of your Jewelry

My wavy hair is fantastic and my skin is glowing. It is hot a humid here in Miami and life is great.

What does my hair skin have to do with jewelry? The same recipe that means success for hair and skin is harmful to your jewelry. Put simply humidity will shorten the life of your jewelry if not properly cared for.

Ideally jewelry should be kept in an individual storage bag when not in use and placed in a cool dry place. Dry location can get away with storing jewelry in a jewelry box or jewelry bags. In humid climates ideally you want to store each piece in its own airtight container. Such as a Ziploc baggie or small individual stack-able containers.

You should never bring your jewelry in the bathroom with you where it gets all hot and steamy from the shower. Humidity will cause the gold plating and metals to turn more quickly then a dryer less hot location.Some precious stones should never get wet. If possible take off your rings before washing your hands in the bathroom. Every little thing you can do to prolong the life of your jewelry allows you to keep and wear that piece of jewelry for that much longer.

Before going to the gym or any kind of exercise take off your jewelry because sweating in your jewelry will eat away at gold plating (no matter how thick it is) or any paint that may be on it.

Don’t throw your jewelry all on top of each other. That only serves to get stuff caught up on each other and scratch on other pieces. Each piece of jewelry should have its own spot to rest in while you are not wearing it.

If you are wearing jewelry and perfume, spray the perfume on directly after getting out of the shower when you are fully dry wait for the perfume to dry and soak into your skin and then continue with your routine. Even better if you know you will be wearing a necklace spray your perfume somewhere where it will not come in contact with the perfume. Perfume has alcohol, oils, colors, and scents that will shorten the life of your jewelry and cause build up making it not as vibrant. The same goes for lotion it has any number of additives the can shorten the life of your jewelry.

Jewelry should be last on in the morning and first off at night when you get home. I know we all have piece of jewelry in our collection that we would sleep in if we could but the oil from our bodies and sweat are not good for the metals, stones, and paints.

Keep your jewelry clean wipe it down with a jewelry cloth to get rid of any build up that might have accumulated on it. This will keep your jewelry shiny and make sure it catches attention for the right reason. If something spills on it clean it off right away.

If you are a mom to a young child don’t let the little one pull on, chew on, or play with your jewelry. It is not meant to take that kind of abuse and could break outright or enamel and plating could come off in your child’s mouth.

Felissa is an Independent Stella & Dot Jewelry Stylist based out of Miami, Florida. She facilitates trunk shows and private viewings in your home and office. To check out her website you can visit


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