Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Consider Your: Skin Tone When Choosing Jewelry

The first step in determining your skin tone is to flip over your hand and examine your wrist right where you dab your perfume. What color are your veins? Do they appear bluish in color or are they more green?

Bluish colored veins are a sign that you have Cool Skin Tone.
To be even more sure use this checklist do you sunburn very easily, notice pinkish or rosy-red undertones when looking in the mirror? You have a Cool Skin Tone.
Most people with this skin tone will have light-blue, blue-green, gray-green, and gray-blue eye color. Skin tones usually range from very fair to moderately fair.

Cool skin tones do well with silver, platinum, and white gold. Diamonds really are a girl with cool skin tone's best friend. Another good choice is white pearls. Gems and painted Jewelry should focus on jewel tones such as pinks, purples, rich blues, greens, and magentas.

Greenish veins are a sign that you are someone with a Warmer Skin Tone. Your checklist to be sure includes the fact that you tan easily, have a high threshold for sun exposure, you notice a yellow or golden-apricot undertone to your face when looking in the mirror.
Typically these people have green, hazel, dark brown, and amber colored eyes. Skin tone usually range from medium to olive brown/dark.

Warm skin tones are better off with gold, pewter, brass, and copper. Warm skin tones favor stones look great with corral colored Jewelry or golden pearls. Gems and painted Jewelry should focus on earth tones such as browns, oranges, brownish- greens, yellows, and yellowish-greens.

However you have to choose something that you love and will feel happy wearing. Don't choose something just because it is more appropriate for your skin tone or face shape or body style if you will never wear it. You want to pick things that you want to show off and have fun wearing.

Felissa Elfenbein
Stella & Dot Independant Stylist
Miami, Florida


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